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Abstractions in Watercolor with Jan Heaton


Find the balance between spontaneity and control. Watercolor offers the ability to be free and spontaneous and to release inhibitions in creating art. In this workshop, we will use watercolor to explore the development of abstract form from an observed reality. Focus on a singular subject, such as a sketch or object, as your source, then subtract, expand, isolate, redefine, and translate to complete a series of works. We will also explore various experimental techniques and tools that can be used to create a finished painting. A personal sketchbook journal will document the journey to redefining the art process.

Previous watercolor experience is required; students from all stylistic backgrounds are welcome, but the nonrepresentational style is emphasized.

April 24–25 (Sat/Sun) 10A–5P
[1653W] Jan Heaton – 2 sessions | In Studio
Member Tuition: $200


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