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Ceramics: Beginning and Beyond


For beginners, this class will cover the basics of hand building while for students with some experience it will build on previous lessons and refine techniques to create pleasing vessels for use and artful arrangement. All students will gain a working knowledge of techniques such as slab construction, classic coil, and pinched vessels. Variations on the basics will be introduced based on individual experience with numerous project ideas to explore.

Given the complexities of firing, we cannot guarantee student work will be fired in the order in which it was received. Students will be emailed each time the kiln has been fired and unloaded. Because of limited space we can only hold onto finished pieces for three (3) weeks and will discard any unclaimed pieces after the posted date.


We will not be offering Ceramics Open Studio this summer due to the high volume of children's classes. Your tuition covers your class time only.

Jul 16–Aug 27 (Sun) 9:00 AM–12:00 PM
[3241M] Terra Goolsby – 7 sessions
Member Tuition: $295 and $40 glaze and firing fee



Tuition includes access to one Ceramics Open Studio session per week, space prohibiting. Ceramics Open Studio is an opportunity to practice skills outside class. Students should not sign up for a class with the assumption that they will have extra hours to complete work outside of class. Due to limited studio space, Open Studio access is not guaranteed, and students should complete all works during assigned class hours.

Mar 23–May 4 (Thurs) 9:00 AM–12:00 PM
[2971M] Lorin Bryce – 7 sessions
Member Tuition: $295 and $40 glaze/fire fee


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