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Discerning Eyes, Open Minds: Art History


What can we deduce about an artwork just by looking? What can’t we deduce?
 How does art offer a reflection of our own lives?
 How does art open our minds to different perspectives? In this workshop, we will engage with art history through observation, dialogue, and multi-sensory practices such as debate, creative movement, poetry, role play, and drawing in response to music. Our exploration will range from introductions and broad themes to more detailed, deep dives into art historical moments and their cultural relevance, as we cultivate aesthetic discernment and share our diverse points of view. Join us as we study, question, compare, reflect, imagine, and make personal connections with art throughout history.

Jun 8–Jun 9 (Sat/Sun) 10-4 Sat/12-4 Sun
[3862W] Kate Gibbs– 2 sessions 
Member Tuition: $180 and $10 supply fee 


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