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Intro to CGI (3D Modeling) for Painters


NEW! Have you ever wanted to paint your dreams? Have you ever had imagination strike you with a beautiful image only to give up after thirty-odd drafts because you can't seem to get the lighting and materials how they are in your head? Whether you're a seasoned painter or new to the practice, having a strong reference image to work from is critical in bringing your ideas to the canvas. While painting began taking reference from life and then photographs, more recent technological developments have allowed painters to create photorealistic scenes like never before--all with no computer science knowledge. 3D modeling has allowed painters to generate scenes that could not or have not yet occurred (or cannot be photographed), uniting the analog with the digital in exciting ways relevant to all painters. Using the software animators, game designers, and film studios like Pixar and Dreamworks use, we will create still images to use as reference "photos" for your next painting or illustrating project.

In this class, we will use only your laptop, mouse, and free software to learn how to create lightning-speed reference images for your paintings & illustrations which are photo-realistically lit and customized to your precise vision.

This is 3D for visual studio artists--not game designers, animators, or filmmakers. This class is made specifically for painters, illustrators, and people looking to create reference photos! That means we skip the jargon and slash through the extra stuff we don’t need (we aren’t making a video game folks!) to speak the language of analog using the digital. This is a class for people who are curious about creating better reference images but overwhelmed by the content directed at animators and for people invested in much longer-term projects. Don't know anything about 3D modeling? Don't worry! No prior knowledge needed but general software legibility required.

Jul 15–Aug 26 (Sat) 1:00 PM–4:00 PM
[3260A] Lindsey Scott Lascaux – 7 sessions
Member Tuition: $275


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