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Photography for Teens: Manual Mode

Ages 14-18

For budding and serious photographers, the current circumstances provide an opportunity to hone in your technical photography skills while exploring your environment. Investigate the four elements of photography; Aperture(F-stop), Shutter, ISO and light. Learning how these elements work together allows one to be in full control and more creative with capturing images. Class discussion will dive into these elements with shooting exercises and optional outside assignments. Students will email their best art works to the instructor for friendly feedback and review of the works created during the week. A digital SLR or mirror-less camera is required.


Kids and teens can tap into their creativity right from home in an online Art School class! We're offering live, online classes for a variety of ages taught by our wonderful Art School faculty in real time. Capacity is limited to ensure small class sizes to maximize time with instructor and classmates. Your child will learn together in community with other students their age and benefit from one-on-one time and individual feedback from their instructor, just like in our in-person classes!

July 27–31 (Mon-Fri) 9:30A–12P
[1296M] Shelley Wood – 5 sessions
Member Tuition: $140


Please have a charged battery and plenty of space on your memory card for the first day of class.