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Unlocking the Weaving Universe: Blocks and Profiles


This is an online shaft loom workshop, for advanced beginners and beyond. Students will use their own warped, 4-shaft looms. Warping plans will be sent out two weeks before class. We will be working with Summer and Winter, but drafts for other block weaves will be provided and discussed, This will allow you to become familiar with a range of weaves including laces, twills, and some two-shuttle weaves. Explore and learn how blocks work in weaving and unlock a whole universe of design possibilities, allowing you to develop your own patterns or adapt a weaving profile to your own project. It really is the key to the weaving universe! We will also look at different ways a draft is written, how to read them, and how you get from a profile draft to a threading draft.

Sep 26–Sep 27 (Saturday 10A-4P/Sunday 12-4P)
[1455W] Inga Marie Carmel – 2 sessions | Online
Public Tuition: $134 // Member Tuition: $121 and $25 supply fee


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