IMAGE: Image courtesy of Desert Door Texas Sotol.

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Abraham Cruzvillegas:
Hi, how are you, Gonzo?

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Taste and Touch Sotol with Desert Door

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Abraham Cruzvillegas embraces the concept of autoconstrucción—loosely defined as “self-constructing”—in a vibrant artistic practice imbued with a sense of constant becoming, a curiosity to learn and share information.

A crisp, earthy spirit with a hint of smoke, sotol is made from plants that grow wild across northern Mexico and Texas, and the process of distilling it hasn’t changed much in the last 800 years. Texas sotol distillery Desert Door leads a tasting and scavenger hunt through the galleries to learn more about the history and properties of this native plant and its distillation process. Like artist Abraham Cruzvillegas’s resourceful and creative use of materials, the sotol, or “desert spoon” plant, has been used in a variety of inventive ways by pre-Texans adept at using what was available and plentiful in their area. All ages are welcome; sotol samples ages 21+.

Desert Door is a craft distiller of Texas sotol, a unique spirit made from wild-harvested sotol plants found all across Texas, from Driftwood to Marfa. Sotol was the first alcoholic beverage ever consumed by humans in this region, and the plant has been in use for over 13,000 years. The only sotol distillery in the United States, Desert Door brings this historic spirit into the modern era and hosts a tasting room in Driftwood, Texas.