IMAGE: Installation view, Abraham Cruzvillegas: Hi, how are you, Gonzo?, The Contemporary Austin – Jones Center on Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas, 2019. Artwork © Abraham Cruzvillegas. Courtesy the artist and kurimanzutto, Mexico City and New York. Image courtesy The Contemporary Austin. Photograph by Colin Doyle.

Abraham Cruzvillegas:
Hi, how are you, Gonzo?

Exhibition Activation: Animal Facts Club

Activations are included with museum admission.
Admission is free of charge every Tuesday; complimentary advance tickets for Tuesday activations are encouraged.

Abraham Cruzvillegas embraces the concept of autoconstrucción—loosely defined as “self-constructing”—in a vibrant artistic practice imbued with a sense of constant becoming, a curiosity to learn and share information. Complementing Cruzvillegas’s sculptures are the artist’s series of improvised primate drawings, titled in Spanish Nuestra imagen actual, or in English, “Our current image.”

Join an Animal Facts Club meeting with artist and club member Jules Buck Jones within the exhibition, and share your animal facts with us or just come check it out! Do you have a spirit animal? Are you fascinated by animals and enjoy sharing cool facts about them? So do we! Presentations can be in any format—read bullet point facts, write a poem, sing a song, show a slideshow or animal video, or have a Q&A. Presenters of any age are welcome. The floor is yours for seven minutes! RSVP suggested, and if you want to present, sign up and let us know your animal of choice.

If you are interested or have any questions, please email

Animal Facts Club is a like-minded consortium of artists, scientists, writers, and friends who come together to share awesome facts about animals and collaborate on art projects. These projects include an annual calendar, zines, puppet shows, and a new AFC book, due this fall. AFC is based in Austin, Texas; was established in Richmond, Virginia; and has spread to California. AFC knows no bounds. Start your own club!