IMAGE: James Tisdale. Photograph by Brian Fitzsimmons.

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Abraham Cruzvillegas:
Hi, how are you, Gonzo?

Exhibition Activation: Ceramic Self-Portrait with James Tisdale

Activations are included with museum admission.
Space is limited for this workshop. Advance tickets required.

Abraham Cruzvillegas embraces the concept of autoconstrucción—loosely defined as “self-constructing”—in a vibrant artistic practice imbued with a sense of constant becoming, a curiosity to learn and share information.

Explore ideas of portraiture through representation of the hands and body in this hands-on workshop with Art School Ceramics Coordinator James Tisdale. How do you see yourself? The work you do? Where you come from? Your family? What would your portrait look like if it wasn’t simply a picture of your face?

Join Tisdale as he discusses representational and nonrepresentational portraiture while demonstrating coil-built ceramic sculpture and underglaze application.