IMAGE: Installation view, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Autorreconstrucción: Social Tissue, Kunsthaus Zürich, Switzerland, February 16 – March 25, 2018. Artwork © Abraham Cruzvillegas. Image courtesy Kunsthaus Zürich. Photograph by Nelly Rodriguez.

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Abraham Cruzvillegas:
Hi, how are you, Gonzo?

Exhibition Activation: Mom’s Mole Poblano Recipe

Activations are included with museum admission.
Advance tickets recommended for timed events.

Abraham Cruzvillegas embraces the concept of autoconstrucción—loosely defined as “self-constructing”—in a vibrant artistic practice imbued with a sense of constant becoming, a curiosity to learn and share information.

The entire museum staff generated scores of good ideas for how they want to use Abraham Cruzvillegas’s exhibition as a catalyst to learn and teach. On Mother’s Day weekend, come for a taste of one of them! Join museum educator Mariel Robles as she learns her favorite recipe for mole poblano from her mother, Mrs. Robles-Diaz.

Come learn the Robles family’s recipe for a complex, traditional Mexican sauce, make tortillas, and savor your own food memories. While you’re here, be sure to also explore Cruzvillegas’s sculptural installations, which often incorporate vital vegetables, everyday ingredients, growing roots, and dried seeds, evoking how food sustains life and brings communities together.