IMAGE: Installation view, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Autorreconstrucción: Social Tissue, Kunsthaus Zürich, Switzerland, February 16 – March 25, 2018. Artwork © Abraham Cruzvillegas. Image courtesy Kunsthaus Zürich. Photograph by Nelly Rodriguez.

Abraham Cruzvillegas:
Hi, how are you, Gonzo?

Exhibition Activation: Arrhythmia

Activations are included with museum admission.
Admission is free of charge every Tuesday; complimentary advance tickets for Tuesday activations are encouraged.

Join us in the Jones Center galleries for Arrhythmia, an activation of the exhibition Abraham Cruzvillegas: Hi, how are you, Gonzo?

Abraham Cruzvillegas embraces the concept of autoconstrucción—loosely defined as “self-constructing”—in a vibrant artistic practice imbued with a sense of constant becoming, a curiosity to learn and share information.

Using various instruments, objects in the exhibition, and the human body, artists Diego Espinosa Cruz González and Nadia Lartigue will perform a dynamic exploration of the concept of the arrhythmic, a term referring to an irregular beat. Here, arrhythmia becomes a tool to modify space and transform time through movement and sounds that clash, coexist, and influence each other, both inside and outside the human body. This activation begins with thirty minutes of movement instruction led by choreographer Lartigue, followed by an invitation to the public to participate or observe a one hour performance by Lartigue and musician Espinosa Cruz González.

Space is limited.