Arty Party


Whoosh! Clang! Swoosh! Rattle! Let’s explore sound together through stories, play, and music. Our special guest, sound healer Emma Horvath McCain, will share the beautiful sounds of her special instruments. Be sure to check out our new temporary installation, Guadalupe Maravilla: Mariposa Relámpago! Register online; walk-up spots also available.

Learn, play, and grow at Arty Party, a free, interactive story time for kids 3 and under! Explore art and nature through books, songs, and hands-on art experiences. Join us at Laguna Gloria from 10-11 am on the last Friday of each month!

About the Facilitator

Emma Horvath McCain is a private equity consultant turned Certified Somatic Coach that helps women learn to regulate their nervous systems so they can truly enjoy (not just endure!) life. She is also a Certified Sound Healer and loves to incorporate sound healing alongside her coaching because of its unique ability to bypass the thinking mind and connect listeners directly back to the power and wisdom of their bodies.