Contemporary Art 101: Appropriation / Critiques of Originality / Photography

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We are thrilled to offer The Contemporary Austin Members our brand new members-only art history course, Contemporary Art 101.

Most introductory survey courses in art history end with the art of the 1960s. Led by art historian Dr. Andy Campbell, this sequential course seeks to understand contemporary practice in the context of the past fifty years of artistic production—from the 1960s to today. Members are invited to register for the full course of seven lectures or individual lectures at or by phone at 512 323 6380.

Contemporary Art 101

First and Third Fridays, 2–3:30P
Laguna Gloria, Studio 3
$20 per class or $120 for the full course

9/5 Minimalism / Theories of Sculpture / Material

9/19 Pop Art / Theories of Mass Culture / Subject

10/3 Feminism / Critiques of Patriarchy

10/17 Postmodernism / Architecture / Conceptualism / Land Art

11/7 Appropriation / Critiques of Originality / Photography

11/21 Culture Wars / Identity / Politics / HIV/AIDS

12/5 Relational Aesthetics / Digital Culture / Re-Performance