Crit Nites at ICOSA Gallery

Located at ICOSA Gallery, 916 Springdale Road, Bldg. 2, #102

In the supportive spirit of The Contemporary Austin’s Crit Group program, artists and the public are invited to take part in Crit Nites, an inclusive opportunity for contemporary working artists to discuss their work and build relationships.

After a successful virtual series of Crit Nites, local art organizations ICOSA Collective and concept animals aim to continue fortifying the Austin art community through ongoing in-person Crit Nites events.

This program is facilitated by Jonas Criscoe, an alumnus of The Contemporary Austin (2017) Grit Group, and co-facilitated by Darcie Book (ICOSA), Hayley Labrum Morrison (concept animals), and Casey Alfstad (concept animals).

More information on how to get involved with Crit Nites at