Green Screen Film Series: Thelma & Louise

Friday nights in July, pack a picnic, cruise by Terry Allen’s Road Angel sound sculpture, and catch classic films selected by the artist, featuring car chases, questionable choices, and road trips on the run.

A waitress and a housewife (Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis) start out on a road trip and end up on the lam, pursued by a sympathetic cop. Thelma & Louise updates the classic rite of finding oneself on the open road and the typically masculine genre of the road movie. (Directed by Ridley Scott, 1991, 130 min., R)

Picnics welcome! Bring a blanket and come early to enjoy a road-inspired playlist created by KUTX's Art Levy for the Green Screen Film Series.

Watch the trailer below.

Also Playing in Green Screen

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