IMAGE: Jessican Green.

I have faith in nights. Co-presented by Fusebox Festival

In the rapidly changing face of the unknown, we still have faith in nights. In our humble efforts to feed what feeds us, we offer our tender bodies to the sunrise. In our deep desire be together even at great distances, we let the light connect us.

During the slow shift from darkness into daylight, artist Jessica Green and an ensemble, each in dispersed locales, created a layered, meditative video interweaving movement and vocal rituals within their environments. Visit at 7A to view the sunrise video broadcast.

Video created by Jessica Green. Ensemble includes April Camlin, Keegan Van Gorder, Noelle Guetti, Channing Showalter, Anastatia Spicer, and Darci Whyte. Edited by Zach Green.

You can also download this original zine created by the artist as a companion to your sunrise experience.

Co-presented by the Fusebox Festival 2020: Virtual Edition. Learn more here.