Members’ Preview & Opening Reception:
Abraham Cruzvillegas

Members are invited to preview and celebrate our new exhibition, Abraham Cruzvillegas: Hi, how are you, Gonzo?, at the Jones Center on Congress Avenue.

Take part in the exhibition during special collaborations with visiting artists from Mexico and enjoy complimentary hors d'oeuvres and cocktails, plus live music and projections by Chulita Vinyl Club Austin on the Moody Rooftop!

Free for museum members, one additional guest welcome per member.
The Contemporary Austin and Abraham Cruzvillegas are pleased to present special exhibition activations during the Members' Preview & Opening Reception, featuring artists and collaborators from Mexico. Museum members and guests in attendance are invited to observe and participate.

Featured activations include:

Clay Making & Ceramics Workshop
Mexico City-based ceramicist Marcela Calderón Bony brings traditional processes and techniques in burnished pottery to Austin from her hometown of Patamban, Michoacán in a two-day workshop. Inspired by bats as migrants (between Austin and Mexico City), agricultural conduits, and mythical creatures from pre-Hispanic lore, Calderón Bony will weave together traditional techniques with imagery and tales of the bat, or tadarida brasiliensis, an animal that bridges the two cities. During our Members’ Preview & Opening Reception, the artist will begin to work with clay in the galleries as a precursor to the two-day workshop the following Saturday and Sunday.

Evolving Sculpture
Working with existing objects in the exhibition, as well as found elements sourced during their visit to Austin, Mexico City-based artists and collaborators Diego Espinosa Cruz González and Nadia Lartigue will transform and interact with a set of sculptural materials in Abraham Cruzvillegas: Hi, how are you, Gonzo? Alternately relocating, displacing, exchanging elements in improvised, choreographed, and sensorial ways, accompanied by body movements and sound, their actions result in an “evolving sculpture.” This event is improvised and spontaneous, and members of the public of all ages and abilities can drop in at any time to observe, listen, and, at times, participate.

Solo Percussion
Mexico City-based musician Diego Espinosa Cruz González will perform solo percussive works using instruments combined with objects in Abraham Cruzvillegas: Hi, how are you, Gonzo? His performance may interpret works by other experimental musicians, including compositions by Mark Appelbaum, Vinko Globokar, Alvin Lucier, and Kurt Schwitters. Incorporating both acoustic and electronic components, Espinosa Cruz González will explore sound within the space and the concept of the body as an instrument.
Abraham Cruzvillegas Exhibition Support: Exhibition Fund Supporters, artnet, Horizon Bank, Lorena Junco Margain and Eduardo Margain, Texas Monthly

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