IMAGE: Courtesy Uncompleted Song, directed by Orelsan, 2015.

New French Cinema: Uncompleted Song

Co-presented by the Austin Film Society

Roof opens 7:30P, Film at 8:30P. Tickets at the door.

All ticketholders are invited to a wine reception from 7:30–8:30P, hosted by Loire Valley sparkling wine Bouvet Ladubay. Picnics are also welcome!

This lighthearted feature from one of France’s most famous hip-hop artists marks the arrival of a new comic talent. The semi-autobiographical story follows two uncool, small-town slackers who have talent but can’t overcome their daily dramas to focus on their debut rap album.

Given one last chance to provide a completed song before their producers drop them for good, they find themselves facing a twenty-four-hour deadline and a day from hell.

Writer/director/actor and hip-hop artist Orelsan will be in attendance for an intro and Q&A.

(France, directed by Orelsan, 2015, 90 min.)