ROLAS LOCAS Afterparty with Trucha Soul

Featuring Ese Pinche Juan and El Drip Cuts at Chess Club

Join us for the vibrant ROLAS LOCAS afterparty hosted in collaboration with Trucha Soul and Chess Club. The celebration continues a mere 10-minute stroll east from The Contemporary Austin’s Jones Center.

From 10:30P to 2A, immerse yourself in the pulsating rhythms of cumbia, as the vinyl beats take over the dance floor. Get ready to move to the irresistible tunes spun by the masterful DJs: Trucha Soul, Ese Pinche Juan, and El Drip Cuts.

This afterparty is a tribute to the exhibition Eamon Ore-Giron: Competing with Lightning / Rivalizando con el relámpago. As we bid farewell to this remarkable showcase, we also mark the grand finale of the New Cumbia Rooftop Session series. Throughout the series, Texas-based DJs and artists have graced us with their talent, creating unforgettable sonic landscapes.

Don't miss out on this unforgettable night of music, dance, and connection. The afterparty is open to everyone, beckoning both newcomers and seasoned aficionados to revel in the rhythms and camaraderie.

Join us for ROLAS LOCAS Afterparty and let the music carry you into the early hours, marking the perfect end to a night of artistic inspiration and cultural celebration.