IMAGE: Charles Long, CATALIN, 2014. Installation view, The Contemporary Austin - Jones Center, Austin. Courtesy the artists and Tanya Bonakdar Gallery. Photograph by Brian Fitzsimmons

SXSW Music Showcase at The Contemporary

For this special collaboration between The Contemporary Austin, SXSW, and artist Charles Long, four sound acts take over and respond to CATALIN, Long’s multisensory, immersive installation currently on view at the Jones Center. The performers will activate the second floor of the museum, capturing the seductive allure of CATALIN and adding a fresh aural element to the gallery’s haunted nightclub feel. With artwork and performances fully integrated in real time, this official SXSW Music Showcase makes for a truly unique art and music experience.

This event is open to SXSW badge and wristband holders. Limited tickets will be released to the general public prior to the performance, $5.

SXSW badge holders receive free museum admission to The Contemporary Austin for the duration of the festival.

7P Doors open
8 – 8:40P 8prn
9 – 9:40P Paradise
10 – 10:40P Kodak to Graph

About the Artists

8prn is the moniker of Vancouver-based producer Patrick Holland. In 2013, he curated mixes for i-D magazine, Do Androids Dance, and the Slowcast, while producing a number of remixes, both official and bootlegged, of notable artists’ material.

Paradise presents algorithmic air raids and telemetric Morse code to the sub base satellite feed. The tingling feeling in your thighs when you just realize that something has gone subtly awry. A good cup of coffee on a warm beach, a lover who never lets you down. A fantastic undulating vision of a five-dimensional universe as a substrate for human consciousness frozen in time and on the verge of collapsing into pure data.

Kodak to Graph Allured by pulsing incantations of cassette grain & VHS blips, live instrumentation, and other found sounds, Kodak to Graph’s Michael Maleki floats listeners through blooming clouds of synth washes, haunting reverberations, and propulsive rhythms. Maleki’s candle-waxed R&B and flower-trailed soundscapes weave together the nostalgic tones and colors reminiscent of a quiet childhood with the urban bounce and rhythmic disposition of the more modern spirit.

Charles Long (American, born 1958 in Long Branch, New Jersey) currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California. His work crosses multiple media including sculpture, installation, film, video, and music, often engaging in collaborative practices with other artists. CATALIN, 2014, is commissioned by The Contemporary Austin.