IMAGE: Elizabeth Streb, Leonardo Giron, and John Kasten performing Skywalk during One Extraordinary Day at the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. Photograph by Esy Casey.

Talk: Elizabeth Streb in Dialogue

Elizabeth Streb is an action architect, movement visionary, and the founder of the STREB Extreme Action Company. Catherine Gund’s documentary Born to Fly, 2014, featuring Elizabeth Streb and her dance company, has its world premiere at SXSW this March. Born to Fly pushes the boundaries between action and art, daring us to follow Streb and her dancers in pursuit of human flight. Join us for this public conversation between the artist and filmmaker.

Born to Fly explores the evolution of choreographer Elizabeth Streb’s movement philosophy—as expressed through her technique, lifestyle, artistic community, and relationships. The film also delves into the experiences of her dancers, revealing the voices and motivations of these gladiators who bring her work to life, often putting their physical wellbeing on the line. Intermixing vérité footage, archival material, stock images, and innovative graphic design, Born to Fly declares the power, magic, and necessity of art in practice.

Born to Fly screens during SXSW Film on Saturday, March 8, 1:30P, State Theater; Sunday, March 9, 11A, AMC Theater at Violet Crown; and Friday, March 14, 4:30P, Vimeo Theater at the Convention Center.