IMAGE: Jim Hodges, With Liberty and Justice for All (A Work in Progress), 2014–2016. Stainless steel, Dichrolam, acrylic, enamel paint, and LED lights. Installed, 84 x 1,737 x 10 inches. Installation view, The Contemporary Austin – The Moody Rooftop at the Jones Center, Austin, Texas, 2016. Artwork © Jim Hodges. Courtesy the artist and Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels. Image © The Contemporary Austin. Photograph by Brian Fitzsimmons.

TX Lege 101

Space is limited

Artist Jim Hodges sees his sculpture above Congress Avenue, With Liberty and Justice for All (A Work in Progress), 2014–2016, as a work of public art, a personal mantra, a call to action, and a platform for dialogue.

In this nonpartisan workshop led by Stephanie Chiarello Noppenberg, learn how the Texas legislature works and how best to make your voice heard by your representatives. You'll learn the basics of how legislation moves through the Texas legislature. Exciting topics include bills (how, where, why?); pro tips for writing, calling, and visiting your legislators; and how to improve your testimony in a committee hearing. Just announced bonus topic: watching from the Senate or House gallery—to throw, or not to throw (hint: do not throw!). Learn how to advocate for issues you believe in.

The Contemporary Austin is pleased to reprise this informative yet entertaining presentation with slides by Chiarello Noppenberg, who does policy analysis for the Texas legislature by day and improv at night (check out her show Over the Lege, which returns in September!).

Please bring a computer/tablet if you would like to set up a personalized tracking system for legislative bills during the workshop.