IMAGE: Photograph by @cccccurtis.

Visiting Lecture: Adam Lerner on the Devolved World of Mark Mothersbaugh

Widely known for co-founding the band DEVO and scoring Wes Anderson films, Mark Mothersbaugh has expressed a consistent artistic voice far beyond music in his prolific career that includes drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, painting, and much more.

Adam Lerner, curator of the Mark Mothersbaugh retrospective Myopia, on view at the MCA Denver and coming to The Contemporary Austin in Spring 2016, will preview the extraordinary landscape of Mothersbaugh’s artistic world.

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About Adam Lerner

Adam Lerner is the Director and Chief Animator of the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. He has curated dozens of exhibitions and projects with contemporary artists such as Barnaby Furnas, Liam Gillick, Isaac Julien, and Christian Marclay and has also showcased the talents of mixologists, astrobiologists, shamans, cheesemakers, and pigeoneers. He authored the book and curated the retrospective exhibition Mark Mothersbaugh: Myopia, the first comprehensive look at the polymath co-founder of the band DEVO. He also co-curated (with Elissa Auther) the traveling exhibition West of Center: Art and the Counterculture Experiment in America, 1965–1977, as well as curating the exhibition Orphan Paintings, the inspiration for his book From Russia With Doubt: The Quest to Authenticate 181 Would-Be Masterpieces of the Russian Avant-Garde. Lerner received his PhD from Johns Hopkins University and his master's degree from Cambridge University.