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Photography I


Gain an understanding of the four elements of photography- fstop, shutter speed, ISO and light. Discover how to take better pictures when shooting in manual mode for full control of your image capturing process while recognizing different qualities of light. The objectives of this class are to understand your camera through different assignments: Intro to Navigating Manual Exposure, Natural Light, Framing, Motion Blur, Flash and more. A digital SLR or mirror less camera with manual exposure controls of the aperture, shutter and ISO are needed for this class.

May 22–Jul 3 (Wed) 6:00 PM–9:00 PM
[3851E] Shelley Wood– 6 sessions 
Member Tuition: $258
No class on 6/19/2024


A digital camera with manual shooting controls is required (DSLR or mirror-less camera). The full supply list for your course may be found HERE.