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Texas Botanicals and Wildflowers: Watercolor, Ink & Gouache Exploration


NEW! Immerse yourself in the world of Texas botanicals and wildflowers through an engaging exploration of watercolor, ink, and gouache techniques. This class offers a practical and comprehensive approach to mastering fundamental drawing and painting skills. With a focus on capturing the natural beauty of Texas flora, you will learn specialized techniques for drawing and painting botanical subjects, including the intricate details of wildflowers.

Drawing inspiration from the lush ecosystem of Laguna Gloria, a magnificent 14-acre site, we will have the opportunity to sketch and paint its diverse flora both in the studio and en plein air. This unique location will serve as our living classroom, allowing us to observe and interpret the seasonal botanical wonders first hand. Develop your ability to depict the rich colors, textures, and forms of native Texas plants while embracing your own artistic expression.

Throughout the course, we will work on watercolor paper, providing an ideal surface for your artistic experimentation and skill development. To culminate your artistic journey, you will have the opportunity to create a final finished painting on a birch wood panel, showcasing the integration of watercolor, ink, and gouache.

Oct 30–Dec 11 (Mon) 6:00 PM–9:00 PM
[3484E] Katie Chance – 7 sessions
Member Tuition: $275


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