A Walk in the Park: Color Mapping with Lydia Garcia

Discover the natural and artistic wonders of Laguna Gloria, one walk at a time!

Walk times at 10A and 1P

Let’s take a walk together and forage for color throughout Laguna Gloria’s wooded paths, meadows, and shoreline. During this hands-on, outdoor workshop, Lydia Garcia of Ochre & Iron will lead us on a mindful exploration, showing us how to identify natural ingredients for inks and pigments. Then, we’ll gather our colors, learn to make our own ink together, and collaborate on a handmade guide to the colors we’ve created during our walk.

A Walk in the Park is a monthly series of guided nature walks and creative workshops at Laguna Gloria, developed with 2021 “Observer-in-Residence” Ann Armstrong.

Masks are required and sturdy shoes are encouraged. Read more about our safety protocols here.

Lydia Garcia is a Central Texas-based visual artist whose works explore the character of organic materials. Creating raw pigments, handmade colors, and layered textures through a process of experimentation, Garcia produces organic formations that break down, interact, and shift on a variety of substrates. Lydia is the founder of Ochre & Iron, through which she shares her natural inks and pigments and processes.

Ann Armstrong loves sparking curiosity by developing tools and frameworks to connect people with place. She has been gathering hand-drawn maps of Austin since 2012 and is slowly building an idiosyncratic, hyper-local atlas to the city. She is also a co-founder of the Odditree Society. Along with her place-literacy work, she designs and builds tiny houses, paints murals, creates public art, and fabricates sculptures out of wood and steel.