IMAGE: Nancy Holt, Time Span, Laguna Gloria, Austin, Texas, 1981. Nancy Holt, Time Span, Laguna Gloria, Austin, Texas, 1981. Concrete, stucco, and steel. 90 x 600 x 132 inches. Art © Holt-Smithson Foundation / Licensed by VAGA, New York, NY. Courtesy the Holt-Smithson Foundation. The Contemporary Austin – Betty and Edward Marcus Sculpture Park at Laguna Gloria (formerly the Laguna Gloria Art Museum), Seven Sculptors Commission, 1981. Photograph by Brian Fitzsimmons, 2014.

Annual Celebration of Nancy Holt’s Time Span + Poems by Mathias Svalina

Land art pioneer Nancy Holt framed the landscape with her site-specific sculptures. Come see how, for one moment each year, the steel wheel of her 1981 sculpture Time Span casts a shadow around a plaque in the earth inscribed with the day’s date, also the artist’s birth date. Then enjoy refreshments in the Driscoll Villa!

This event will also feature a reading by the poet Mathias Svalina, who concludes his Dream Delivery Service residency in Austin with a poetry reading from atop the newest sculpture at the park, Anya Gallaccio’s to see if time was there. From March 5 to April 5, Svalina wrote daily dream-poems and delivered them by bicycle to subscribers in Austin. Svalina has run the Dream Delivery Service in Denver since 2014, including collaborations with MOCA Tucson, MCA Denver, and the University of Arizona Poetry Center. Through summer 2017, he will be delivering dreams in cities across America, and he is currently taking subscriptions for Denver in May.

Svalina is the the author of five books, including Destruction Myth, Wastoid, and the recently released The Wine-Dark Sea.