IMAGE: Tarek Atoui: The Whisperers Lab (featuring Chris Cogburn), The Contemporary Austin – Jones Center on Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas, 2022. Artwork © Tarek Atoui. Image courtesy The Contemporary Austin. Photograph by Leon Alesi.

Musician-in-Residence: Chris Cogburn

From February 16 – March 2, peek in to the Jones Center's second floor gallery space to observe musician-in-residence Chris Cogburn experimenting with materials or leading interactive workshops. Artist Tarek Atoui and The Contemporary Austin have invited three musicians—each paired with members from local community organizations⁠—to work during two-week residencies that will culminate in the creation of new works for the upcoming exhibition Tarek Atoui: The Whisperers.

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Chris Cogburn (b. 1973 Eugene, Oregon) is a percussionist living in Austin, Texas and Mexico City. Cogburn’s artistic practice is rooted in the collaborative context of improvisation. Current music practices focus on the threshold between acoustic and electronic sounds, their differing timbral qualities and their sites of resonance. Tensions between just intonation and the unfettered resonances of objects is a burgeoning concern informing his most recent work.