IMAGE: Tarek Atoui: The Whisperers Lab (featuring Henna Chou), The Contemporary Austin – Jones Center on Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas, 2022. Artwork © Tarek Atoui. Image courtesy The Contemporary Austin. Photograph by Leon Alesi.

“The Whisperers” Performance, Co-presented with the New Media Art and Sound Summit

Collaboration is central to artist Tarek Atoui’s work. Before The Whisperers opened to the public, three musicians-in-residence each spent two weeks experimenting with innovative sound-making materials Atoui designed, creating dynamic exchanges between the artist and Austin’s vital community of experimental musicians and sound artists.

In this performance, musician-in-residence Henna Chou invites artists from the Church of the Friendly Ghost network to join her, in conjunction with their annual New Media Art and Sound Summit (NMASS).

The schedule for this performance is:

1:00-1:30P Lee Dockery & T. Putnam Hill

1:45-2:15P Colin McIntyre & Alex Keller

2:30-3:00P Vanessa Gelvin & Josh Ronsen

Throughout Tarek Atoui: The Whisperers, we invite you to experience the exhibition in some new and unexpected ways:

Book tickets to a formal performance to experience how the musicians-in-residence and their collaborators have experimented with the artist’s work to create new ways of perceiving sound.

Delve into explorations of sound in guided listening sessions led by musicians and other facilitators.

Buy tickets to see the exhibition anytime and experience compositions of sounds emitted by the objects on view, reverberating throughout the space, challenging your notions of what sound can do.

Visit to see the full schedule of these unique performances and events.

Due to the format of the performances, capacity is limited, and late arrivals will not be admitted. Please reserve your spot and arrive early!

About Henna Chou:
Henna Chou (she/they) is a sound explorer with experiences living in Tucson, AZ; Overland Park, KS; Berkeley, CA; Ames, IA; Montpelier, VT; and Beijing, China. Chou volunteers with Church of the Friendly Ghost and Salvage Vanguard Theater and enjoys participating in Austin’s creative community as a cellist, guitarist, keyboardist, and sound artist. Previous participations include working with Paper Chairs Theater, BLiPSWiTCH, Collide Arts, The Blanton Museum of Art, New Music Co-Op, Stop Motion Orchestra, Go: Organic Orchestra, Phonography Austin, Golden Hornet, Heloise Gold, and The Resonant Lung.

About Church of the Friendly Ghost:
COTFG is a volunteer-run arts organization supporting creative expression and the counter-culture community. Their annual New Media Art and Sound Summit® is a multi-day summer festival dedicated to diversifying Austin’s musical ecosystem.