Touching Grass

facilitated by Brandi Jo Perkins

Accompanying reflections on land present in both exhibitions This Land and HOST: Aryel René Jackson as well as Manik Raj Nakra’s upcoming mural at the Jones Center, we invite you to engage with nature in a series this season, Touching Grass at Laguna Gloria.

Join us in exploring our physical relationship to the landscape, engage with the history and function of native plants, and even grab kid-friendly art kits inspired by nature!

On this evening of Touching Grass at Laguna Gloria, we invite you to participate in an herb tea drinking session led by herbalist Brandi Jo Perkins. Brandi is the Founder of Earth Commons, an apothecary and wellness shop located in East Austin. Known for bringing herbal medicine and community together, we’ve invited Brandi to Laguna Gloria to lead this evening of Touching Grass.

Also happening on the grounds this evening is an iteration of the City of Austin’s Roots & Wings Festival, offering a sensory nature walk and take-home saplings.

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About Brandi Perkins

Brandi Perkins is a certified clinical herbalist and has been practicing herbalism for over ten years. She is a Founder of Earth Commons Herb shop in East Austin and Ritual Union. She enjoys connecting people to plants and the traditional ways we have worked with them for health and healing. She is happy to host classes and workshops that help people realize their ability to take care of themselves and their loved ones on a day to day basis, and create more reciprocity in the world.

Thanks to our promotional partners Earth Commons.